The Emmaus Road Foundation is a non-profit organization whose main purposes are: facilitating access to formal and non formal education among the poor in Colombia; promoting and supporting models of holistic development; fostering holistic spiritual formation as driving force for social development; fostering relationships and cooperation with national and international organizations; fostering the learning of English and Spanish as tools of inter-cultural Exchange; facilitating the use of appropiate technologies for the development of Colombia; accomplishing institutional capacity and excellence of services; promoting and accomplishing activities of philanthropic nature.

The mission of the organization is tri-fold:

1) Foster integral formation of Colombian people (physical, spiritual, emotional, social) as driving engine for social development

2) Contribute to the formation of grass-roots leaders who are committed with the well-being of their own communities

3) Model processes of gradual self-sustainability and equip all those whom are served to become self-sustainable


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