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    Can't wait to see your first profile posted!
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    These look like great education organizations. How did you learn about them? And do you think they would be interested in partnering with Givology? Thanks for posting!
  • 30 Second Pitch for Givology

    People have short attention spans. I've learned this countless times from approaching people at parties, fundraisers, on any form of public transportation, etc, especially when you try to talk to them about donating money to a charitable cause. So I keep the pitch short but sweet (count 30 seconds at most). How would one make a compelling case about our cause while at the same time distinguishing ourselves from other similar organizations? I asked our founder Joyce Meng this important question, and she gave me three handy bullet points we can easily learn, memorize and disseminate: 1. TRANSPARENCY - this basic tenet captures the essence and arguably the most unique factor about microphilanthropy; the idea that your dollar has the largest impact (no matter the size). 2. COMMUNITY OF GIVING - to me this set us apart from other organizations. We provide the online marketplace platform where people can directly engage each other through our efficiently managed blogging and messaging...
  • Feature Partner of the Month: La Vallee Alliance

    Feature Partner of the Month: La Vallee Alliance I’ve read numerous articles in the Times and the Post about the dire state of the Haitian education system namely the schools and the abandoned pupils. In my last post, I blogged about the meaning of education to these Haitian children struggling everyday to break the cycle of poverty. All the while I’ve pondered the question of how I can help in an action-oriented, deliberate way that would most effectively make an impact. Fortunately, Givology recently established a partnership with a local NGO called La Vallee Alliance, and it just so happens that the founder and inspirational leader behind this project were in town a few weeks ago near my home in Northern Virginia. Fate has a way of making a point. One great thing about ‘working’ for Givology is meeting new people and making new connections (shameless pandering for those of you out there thinking about volunteering for Givology). It turns out only one degree of separation stood be...
  • The Aftermath

    A frontpage article in the Washington Post caught my undivided attention and stirred my mind free of all indolent thoughts this rainy Sunday morning. The title, in short, sums it up: Destruction of schools in Haiti quake crushes hopes of a better future for many ( As my eyes carefully scanned the lines of fine print detailing the tremendous loss of infrastructure, namely school buildings, campuses, supplies, blackboards, notebooks, and desks, I was instantly reminded of Givology's mission that pivots around the meaning of education. The numbers raised in the article are telling: 75% of campuses in the capital alone lie in devastation. The economic, social, and political implications of this earthquake deserve headlines of their own. But this article gives particular emphasis on the educational implications, arguably the most significant in this god-forsaken country which has endured years of po...