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Update from Fountain of Hope School!

The Fountains of Hope School launched in January 2014, offering primary education to students. We enrolled fewer children than desired in year one but we learned a lot during the course of the year and made adjustments along the way. We were very pleased to see enrollment jump from 25 students in 2014 to 70 students in 2015.

We are adding an additional class each year so we now offer education for years 1 through 5 and in January we will add classes for year 6.

One of the best-performing students in the school, Jane, had never attended school before she joined Turning Point. She lives with both her parents in Kibera but, being unemployed, they were unable to afford school fees. Jane joined Turning Point's children's centre in Kianda and started to catch up on the education she had missed. She is incredibly bright and has caught up very quickly. In fact, at the beginning of the year she joined Class 3 at the Fountains of Hope School but mid-way through the year she was bumped up to Class 4 because she was performing so well.

Jane is a great example of a young life full of potential that was going to waste, but today that potential is just starting to be unleashed as she learns and grows under the care and guidance of the Turning Point team. It is such a privilege to work with kids like Jane and see the transformation taking place in her life.

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