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12400 per house +
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The Rift Valley Children's Village provides a permanent, loving home for 97 marginalized children and young adults. RVCV kids live in houses according to age and gender with three Tanzanian women in each house that help to raise them. Rubondo House accommodates 10 young ladies, ages 6 to 15. Tarangire House is home to 11 young boys, ages 5 to 12. In their homes, kids are provided with three nutritional meals a day and one high protein snack. You can help fill their tummies so they grow strong and are able to concentrate in school for a whole year!


RVCV operates in a poor, rural area of northern Tanzania where the average annual income is $300 per year. Residents of RVCV typically have lost their parents or escaped from abuse or neglect. Nutritional diets, education, access to health care and a loving, caring home to grow in are basic human rights and tenants of our mission to provide beautiful childhoods to each of the kids living here.


Tummies full of nutritional food help RVCV's kids to grow strong bodies and minds and help them to stay focused in school so that they can escape systemic poverty.

Team Credentials

The Rift Valley Children's Fund (RVCF) provides financial and intellectual support to programs designed to lift lives and build futures.

Core Values

-Provide a loving home, family and community for the orphaned children of RVCV so that may grow to be self-sufficient and productive citizens of Tanzania.

-Provide support for caregivers of orphaned children so that they may remain within their extended family.

-Provide leadership, teachers and resources to the local primary school ensuring that all of the children from this impoverished community receive a first rate primary education.

-Provide secondary school scholarships and adult education for the brightest, most motivated students from the area so that they can break the cycle of poverty and become productive citizens.

-Provide the children of RVCV and the community with access to free, high quality medical care.

-Provide economic growth opportunities to the community through our microfinance program.