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Letter from Flavia!

The letter says:

I spent Holy Week with my family. We went with my mom and my baby to my boyfriend’s house to eat meat. It was good and bad because I ate a giant Easter egg and got sick to my stomach and went to the doctor, but it went well at the end. The traditions [for Easter] in Argentina are to eat chocolate eggs and to go to mass.

It’s going a bit badly for me in school right now. I have three classes I’m not reaching the average in. I’m in the fifth year of a technical school in which we make bracelets, we use machines, we put together wheelchairs and mechanical wheelchairs for paraplegic people and we donate them.

I don’t like Physics very much because you work with numbers and formulas and it makes me dizzy and I don’t like Chemistry very much but I’m sticking with it.

I really like sports and my favorite sport is soccer and I’m a very good player.

With Give Opportunity we have orientation workshops, we have extra-help classes for the hard subjects, and we all eat breakfast together in the mornings.

Flavia Tissera

Flavia with her boyfriend and her baby

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