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Enriching Education Through Work Experience: Foot in the Door

With these powerful words, Aung San Suu Kyi reinforces Givology’s ethos of universalizing girls’ education: [b]"[/b][b]The education and empowerment of women throughout the world cannot fail to result in a more caring, tolerant, just and peaceful life for all."[/b] The work of [url=]Starfish[/url], Givology’s partner in Guatemala, is a testament to the profound impact of arming girls with an education. Since its founding, [url=]Starfish[/url] has emboldened a generation of trailblazing Girl Pioneers where before there were none through holistic education and mentorship.
One of the most crucial aspects of the education that Starfish offers its girls [b]is the opportunity to delve deeply into the subject of formal employment. [/b]Through its [url=]Foot in the Door[/url] program, Starfish has devised an innovative, effective way to help Girl Pioneers gain economic footing by matching them with local NGOs, small businesses, or government offices for formal, three-month long internships. With an experience heavily modeled after “real life”, Foot in the Door equips girls with valuable firsthand experience of what being part of the workforce entails.
[b]What is Foot in the Door about?[/b]
[ul][li]Through [url=]Foot in the Door[/url], Starfish has devised a way to partner with under-staffed and under-resourced organizations and businesses to connect a Girl Pioneer’s need to acquire meaningful work experience with their need for talent.[/li][li]Foot in the Door aims to help girls gain experience in a formal employment context by matching them with local NGOs, small businesses, or government offices for formal, three-month long internships.[/li][li]Starfish hopes to have each Girl Pioneer graduate from high school with formal employment experience.[/li][li]In the best-case scenario, Girl Pioneers are hired by the partner organization or business, or use their work experience to find formal work elsewhere.
[/li][/ul][b]What sets Foot in the Door apart from other projects?[/b]
[ul][li]Foot in the Door boasts a strong focus on helping girls in Guatemala achieve economic empowerment.[/li][li]Foot in the Door harnesses the full measure of female talent and potential of its Girl Pioneers to help girls escape society’s fringes and the poverty trap.[/li][li]The 220 Girl Pioneers that Starfish supports all come from families that have never been employed in the formal economy – the job exposure and experience Foot in the Door offers will mark an unprecedented “first” for the girls and their families.[/li][li]Starfish in Guatemala is led by an incredibly strong core leadership team comprised of 26 indigenous staff members, who have all “walked the talk” in their personal lives through their own grit and perseverance.
[/li][/ul][b]What will be the impact of giving to Foot in the Door?[/b]
Statistics and data published from the World Bank highlight a simple truth: increasing women’s presence in the workforce is the bedrock for economic growth. [url=]By donating to Foot in the Door, you will be contributing to the following[/url]:
[ul][li]Approximately 40 months of formative job exposure that will be spread across three-month internships.[/li][li]Girl Pioneers at the high-school level being able to access these opportunities that have eluded their ancestors.[/li][li]Valuable firsthand experience for the Girl Pioneers, which serves to be a powerful tool for determining their career trajectory.[/li][li]Over 10 NGOs, small businesses and government offices and their clients will reap the benefits from the talents and skills of the Girl Pioneers.[/li][/ul]

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