We're the Givology NYC chapter! We hold events and campaigns in NYC to support the work of Givology!


  • Givology NYC Sunday Night Laughs

    The Givology New York City chapter held Sunday Night Laughs, a comedy show fundraiser, on March 23rd at Gotham Comedy Club. The show was a success and a great time for everyone involved! We raised almost $4,000 and kept everyone laughing the entire time. Given that March 8th was International Women's Day, all funds raised were directed to our partners who support women's education. We had the chapter members select projects that fell under the category of women's education and submit them to the chapter leadership to be approved. The talented line up, which included Harrison Greenbaum, Marina Franklin, Liz Miele, Dwayne Perkins, Jared Freid and the host Marion Grodin, featured multiple styles of comedy that provided something for everyone. All the comedians, but Marion in particular, loved picking on members of the audience to hilarious results. Gotham was very happy with the crowd we brought in and suggested we partner with them regularly. We are in discussions to set u...