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Back to School with Giviology Vietnam - Givology NKTP Hai Phòng

Meet Givology's newest chapter from Vietnam.
[b]Givology: How did you hear about Givology?[/b]
[b]Pham: [/b]While surfing the Internet, I clicked the google ad of Givology by chance. I was immediatedly absorbed in the Givology website with green color - the colour of hope and living. Then the more I found out about Givology, the more I felt interested. It is one of the reasons which encouraged me to devote to Givology.
[b]Givology: What was it about Givology's mission that resonated with you?[/b]
Pham: It was the mission: "Spread awareness and generate research about effective education initiatives globally".
[b]Givology: What encouraged you to start your own chapter?[/b]
[b]Pham: [/b]What encouraged me most to start my own chapter Givology Vietnam - Givology NKTP H?i Phòng is my desire to help children have motivation to pursuit their dreams, especially those with little ability to access to a complete education. I have met many people who used to want to study higher in high school and universities had to gave up their dreams because of poverty, social prejudice,... For example, a friend of my mother was a good student at school. She wanted to pursuit Pharmacy as a careeer. However, she had to drop out after grade 11 because "women didn't need to study higher".
[b]Givology: Why did you pick May Chai Village for your A Better Summer Project?[/b]
[b]Pham[/b]: The children in the village had little knowledge of environmental protection and self-protection. In addition, there were some smart kids who could not go to official schools due to the lack of money.
[b]Givology: What is your main goal for the project?[/b]
[b]Pham:[/b] The project aims to inspire those children to continue their study at school; teach them basic living skills and bring a meaningful summer with caring and sharing.
[b]Givology: How do you intend to measure the outcomes of the project?[/b]
[b]Pham:[/b] We base on one to measure the outcome of the project: the children's performances at school (for example, the average results of subjects).
[b]Givology: What are your plans as a chapter for this school year?[/b]
[b]Pham:[/b] Currently we are recruiting new members (not short term volunteers) who can officially run projects and events with existing core team. This Chirstmas, Givology Vietnam - Givology NKTP Hai Phong is going to run a fundraisng event like the one last year, but with larger scale. All of us look forward to its success.[b]
Givology: How has the processing of starting a chapter been thus far?[/b]
[b]Pham: [/b]We are holding our first Givology Grand Recruitment to seek for new talented members (98ers and 99ers) who can run and sustain our chapter for the next years.
[b]Givology:[/b] [b]In one sentence, describe what giving means to you.[/b]
[b]Pham: [/b]To me, giving means learning.

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