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Back to School with the Binghamton University Chapter

Binghamton University's chapter president, Alyssa Famolari, sat down with us to tell us the big plans the chapter has for this year:
[b]How did you learn about Givology?[/b]
I learned about Givology when I joined Binghamton University's club about 2 years ago.
[b]What about Givology's mission inspired you to start a chapter?[/b]
Our club was not always just a Givology chapter. Before a year ago, we were only partially affiliated with this organization, but as we continued to work with Givology, our club just fell more in love with the cause. Finally, we have shifted our mission to being 100% dedicated to Givology. The cause is such an inspiring and helpful one, that it'd be hard not to want to start one. Our members only want to help these children get an education and Givology is definitely the way to go!
[b]Tell us about your goals for this school year.[/b]
Our goals for this year to put on continuous fundraisers so we can put multiple students through schools and help out some of the bigger projects. We've also already collected a bunch of school supplies and books that we plan on donating to Givology. We are continuing our Letter Writing Campaigns and we are hoping to get a response this year! We've already written three times, so we are hoping that the fourth time is the charm!
[b]In one sentence, tell us what giving means to you.[/b]
Giving means selflessly trying

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