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Stories of Change Makers: Shining Hope for Communities

The second half of [url=]Givology's new book, [i]A Guide to Giving[/i][/url], showcases stories about our amazing grassroots partners and the change they have enacted in their communities. Over the next week, we will be posting short previews of each profile, including personal accounts from Givology volunteers. The first profile we've chosen is of Shining Hope for Communities, written by Stephany Yong.

Now an undergraduate at Stanford University, I greatly value this gift of an education as a receiver, continually amazed with my role at Givology to use media, networking and compassion to empower children to leverage their experiences as points to grow from instead of obstacles that hinder potential. The interactions I have had with inspirational partners and our students remind me of how powerful the concept of opportunity is; if you give people a chance to prove themselves, they can surprise you by transcending these perpetual cycles of poverty. A young girl does not need to be viewed as the property of her husband, but instead as a potential doctor, teacher, and most importantly, someone who will think for herself.
When I set out to write this chapter about Shining Hope for Communities, I was already familiar with the group’s work, as I had already posted profiles about their Kibera School for Girls. Stories from Kibera, the largest slum in Africa (imagine 1.5 million people living on a plot of land the size of Central Park), reminded me of accounts from my East Los Angeles friends: young people who want to break out of a cycle of existence they are not satisfied with. Among this group of young Kiberans was Kennedy Odede. Having lived in the Kibera slum all his life, Kennedy saw firsthand the causes and effects of intergenerational destitution and gender inequality.

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