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Stories of Change Makers: The Circle of Peace School

The next profile in our series of sneak peeks from [i][url=]A Guide to Giving[/url][/i] shares a personal account of the development of the Circle of Peace School, written by Jiashan Wu.
I remember vividly when we first landed in Uganda and were welcomed by the family at the airport. Along with alumni from the school, our big group packed into a small van and journeyed through the dark night to our destination. We had too many questions for each other to be answered during bumpy three-hour trip. When we arrived at a large metal gate, more students rushed out to welcome us. In the unlit street, we could only hear the cheerful voices, but voices alone were enough to tell us that they were as excited as we were.

It was not until the next morning that we saw the school. We woke up early and had a breakfast comprised of bread and butter with tea (which are only eaten on special occasions) with the family. After breakfast, the family took us to every classroom and corner of the campus with a few young students running around us. The tour did not take long as the school was not big, though it provided learning and living spaces for students and their families. Though not spacious, it was a happy atmosphere that surrounded us. Houses were painted in bright teal and classrooms were decorated with childlike motifs. Inside the classrooms, wooden desks filled the spaces and long pieces of blackboard hung in the front. The classrooms aligned with one side of an open area used as a parking lot for the van, event platform for the school, and playground for the students.

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