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You've probably heard of, the largest non-profit in the US empowering young people. [i]A Guide to Giving[/i] offers an inside look into the organization through personal interviews with George Weiner, CTO and Aria Finger, COO. The DoSomething profile was written by Givology volunteers, Jennifer Chen and Meghan Godin.
George has a simple philosophy about how to give back. You have three options: wisdom, wealth or work. These are the options one can choose from, starting with one and potentially juggling all three. Wisdom can come in the form of advising, consulting and volunteering, where one focuses on sharing relevant knowledge with those working towards a cause. Wealth is self-explanatory in that someone contributes money, with the driving motivation behind the individual that he or she is investing time into a for-profit endeavor in order to accumulate material goods to give to an organization or individual with a mission. Finally, work, which is what George chose, is when an individual decides to make his or her cause into a career. However, despite his early decision to devote his professional energy to a non-profit, George faced many unexpected obstacles in finding his ideal role once he joined

“When you look at how to do good, you have to break it up into these three sections,” George says. “When you are trying to help a cause, hopefully you can choose one but it doesn’t hurt if you choose multiple causes…but you still have three options: wisdom, wealth, work. If one cares about causes, shop around and figure out your personal pie chart [among wisdom, wealth and work].”


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