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Stories of Change Makers: Peach Foundation

What does giving mean to you? The profile below, written by Liu Jiang, highlights the development of the grassroots organization Peach Foundation, and explores reasons to give.
In my sophomore year of high school, I joined Givology as an intern. Having been born in a developing nation, I searched for an organization that improved education in the part of the world where I came from. After months, I finally found Givology, a non-profit that truly cared about making giving easy and transparent. From development intern to Chapters Manager to now Chief Development Officer, my work with Givology has shaped my philosophy about social entrepreneurship and volunteerism. The stories from our partners and children have been my most rewarding experience. However, it was not until I spoke with Ruth Jeng of the Peach Foundation that I finally found the answer to what giving means to me.

After her retirement in the Bay Area, Ruth Jeng started the Peach Foundation with the mission of enabling impoverished children in China to complete a college education. Her goal was to help students transcend the poverty cycle by promoting art, education, and community harvest. To date, her foundation has implemented the following programs: college loans, financial aid, small living loans, libraries, teacher training, summer camp, a medical fund, and a clothing fund.

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