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Home for the Holidays: NKTP Hai Phong - Givology Vietnam Chapter

November 20th, known as Vietnamese Teachers' Day, is a special day for students to show their appreciation of their teachers. And this year, to help students and teachers celebrate this special occasion, we started a flower-selling project, which proved to be a huge success.

This project aimed to raise money for the upcoming projects of Givology NKTP Hai Phong- Givology Vietnam. Every member of our group was very thrilled to help carry out this meaningful project. Even though there are a lot of flower boutiques in Hai Phong, we still have a few tricks up our sleeves that made us competitive. We had about 20 different styles of flower baskets and bouquets at quite reasonable prices ranging from 100.000 VND to 350.000 VND. What's more, all shipments were free. Students of Tran Phu High School for the gifted and other schools in the city could start ordering flowers from November 7 th to November 19 th. All customers were very much satisfied with the quality of the flowers and the teachers were extremely delighted to receive them from their students. We received 33 orders, which brought us a profit of 1.410.000 VND.

This profit is used for this year Christmas project, which is going to be held only on December 24th, at Nam Phap church and the church of the parish of An Hai. We plan to sellhandmade products and refreshments such as cupcakes and drinks. We now have to study for our first term examination but we are also trying to make time for preparing the handmade merchandise.

In conclusion, the November 20 th project has been very efficacious despite the fact that this is the first year we have ever done this. This project has brought us a considerably big profit, which will be used for other bigger projects such as the Christmas project. We all hope this can help make the Christmas project as successful, if not more successful than last year.

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