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[i]Dream It. Share It. Live It.[/i]
In the world of creating change, innovation means everything. Once you find the passion for a cause, the success of your mission may all depend on how creatively you pursue it. GoEnnounce (, a newly started education crowd-funding platform, has plenty of that.
First started in 2009 by sisters Melissa and Meghan Davis as a graduation announcement platform, it has since then evolved into a fundraising platform for educational projects. GoEnnounce allows students to harness the power of social media to crowd-fund for their educational expenses (tuition for college and summer camps, school supplies, etc.). On, students utilize their “Student Page” to connect with potential supporters and keep such supporters updated on their academic progress. Students receive, through such connections, encouragement, rewards, and donations for their academic successes. Through creating a “Mission,” they may also ask for donations to achieve educational goal or participate in a particular educational activity.
Educational expenses have continuously become more and more unmanageable for the average American family—especially in the tough economic times of the recent few years. GoEnnounce directly addresses this new issue through harnessing the collective energy of family, friends, and even kind strangers, to allow students to pursue their education dreams. Thus, GoEnnounce just may revolutionize education.

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