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Home for the Holidays: Julia, Social Media Intern


In my family, the holiday season is a time of giving back and celebrating Romanian traditions. This year, we started a chapter of Stuffed Animals for Emergencies to collect used stuffed animals, toys, clothes, and books for foster children so that they could be a little more comfortable during the holiday season.This project has spread the spirit of giving throughout my community and has inspired many children to give what they no longer need, embracing the true meaning of the holidays. As a family who strongly believes in the value of education, we're also looking for Givology students and projects to support this year and spreading awareness.
During the holiday season, we enjoy spending time with friends and family and exchanging presents. The first special day to come is December 6th, St. Nicholas Day. The night before, mylittle brother and sister lay out their shoes by the door and hope to find them filled with treats from St. Nicholas in the morning.St. Nicholas represents charity and generosity, so gifts are meant to be shared among family and friends.
In preparation for Christmas, we decorate a Christmas tree with ornaments, adorn the outside of the house with lights and decorations, and buy gifts for one another. On Christmas Eve,many of the children in my Romanian community go caroling, stopping at houses and singing for the adults, happily receiving money and treats as they go along. At night, they go to bed anxiously awaiting Santa Clause's arrival the next morning, excited to find presents under the Christmas tree or in the stockings that they hang by the fireplace.
On Christmas, children wake up early and happily open their presents. They dress up for church in traditional Romanian outfits and put on a holiday performance with songs, instruments, and poetry recitals that they've spent the month of December preparing. The outfits are traditionally passed down through many generations. The one that my sister is wearing was made by our grandmother's aunt. When her husband came to America to search for a job, she supported herself by making traditional costumes. After going to church, we gather with friends and eat dinner together to celebrate the end of the fasting period before Christmas.
The holiday season brings my family together in celebrating with friends and family, appreciating what we have, and giving to those in need. On New Year's Eve, we welcome the New Year with resolutions and hopes for the next year as well as reflection on the year that has passed. My resolution is to graduate high school with good grades and get acceptance to my top college choice, and my wish is that all of the students at Givology have that opportunity as well.

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