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Making a Difference in 2015

The New Year is a time of celebrating with friends, reflecting on the year that has passed, and making resolutions and goals for the upcoming year. A powerful resolution to include in your goals to be a better you is to help others and make a difference in the world. Whether you care about gender equality, education, or ending poverty, Givology can help you find the best way to give back to causes that matter to you.Our resolutions at Givology include funding the projects that will enable our students to learn and making sure that all Givology students can go to school. Be it funding an [url=]e-book library[/url] for Somali students in need of reading resources, bringing [url=]stationary[/url] to victims of illegal orphanages, child abuse, and extreme poverty so that they can stay in school, or giving teen abuse survivors the [url=\]business skills[/url] they need in life through jewelry making, Givology hopes to make a difference with your support. Below are the top 5 ways to include giving back in your resolutions:
1) Learn Something New: The first step in making a difference is learning about issues you care about. Learning about cultures and traditions all over the world, global issues like poverty, human trafficking, and lack of access to education, and initiatives that are helping to offer more opportunities to children in need can help you understand the people and issues you want to help. Educating ourselves on humanitarian issues can help us see the world in a more enlightened way. Whether we take a class on humanitarian issues, subscribe to the [url=]Givology newspaper[/url] to receive updates on topics in global education, or go out into the world and listen to people's stories and experiences, we can grow to better understand people from all over the world.
2) [url=]Spread Awareness[/url] and Fundraise: Tell your friends, share on social media, and involve your community in the issues that are important to you to make your impact even bigger. Fundraising by holding a bake sale, a school dance, or a fun community event like a talent show can help to bring people together and involve them in something bigger.
3) [url=]Volunteer[/url]: If you want to volunteer with Givology, you can write an article, design a graphic, or send an encouraging message to a Givology student from their profile. The possibilities are endless, and with the flexibility of volunteering online, anyone can participate. Volunteerism is one of the most common resolutions made for the New Year, and it's a great way to give back! According to Gandhi, "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." Discovering a new talent or sharing an old one and becoming part of a team in a motivated environment can help encourage you to meet your goals and have an impact.
4) [url=]Travel Abroad[/url]: Givology fellowships offer you the opportunity to travel and work face to face with our partners all over the world. You can conduct educational research, help grass root organizations meet their goals, and write blog post updates to share your experiences. Traveling offers you the opportunity to learn new things, meet new people, and learn a new way of life.
5) [url=]Start or Join a Chapter of Givology[/url]: Givology chapters may be student, volunteer, or adult groups that meet on a regular basis and make a difference by fundraising in their communities, participating in Givology campaigns, serving as Givology ambassadors, and spread awareness. For anyone looking to be a leader in 2015, this is a great way to start something powerful.
No matter what your resolutions are, we wish you the best in accomplishing your goals to a better you in the year 2015 and we look forward to working together to expand our volunteer team, raise awareness, and support our students as they work toward their own resolutions.

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