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A Video from Flying Kites: Thank you, Givology!

Our partner, [url=]Flying Kites[/url], recently sent us a video: [url=]"Thank you Givology for believing in us."[/url] It is an incredible video, and reiterated to us the impact our efforts have in changing our students' lives. We are grateful to all of you who make our giving possible.
A transcript from the video:

"Student A: Dear Givology, thank you for sending us money to get books we use like encyclopedias, textbooks, exercise books
Student B: Thank you, Givology, for you donation of story books, exercise books, textbooks
Student C: Because of your donation we have workbooks for doing addition, to do English and some others like
Student B: Encyclopedias
Student D: Thank you, Givology, for donation money so that we can have pants, books, and backpacks. Thank you very much,
Student B: and Mathematical sets.
Student E: I'm grateful to go to school because I want to learn.
Student A: I am very fateful for education because it will get me to a nice place."

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