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Top Ten Things you can do to Make Education Accessible to Everyone

By Julia Tofan
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[b]1. Learn![/b] Watch documentaries and [url=]videos[/url] and read books, [url=]blogs[/url], and articles ([url=]Here's our top ten![/url]) to learn about education issues all over the world. From training teachers and building school houses to reforming education policy and addressing social and emotional needs, there are many obstacles to accessible quality education.
[b]2. Create Awareness! [/b]Educate others. Tell your friends, make a Facebook page or website, and share social media posts from non-profits in the education sector.
[b]3. Interact on Social Media![/b] Follow Givology on [url=]Facebook[/url], [url=]Twitter[/url], and [url=]Instagram[/url] and sign up for our newspaper by making a Givology account. We'll keep you updated on Givology's latest projects (like a story telling project, [url=]Dreams That Could Be[/url]), campaigns, and current news and information about international education updates.
[b]4. Fundraise![/b] Hold a bake sale, yard sale, game night, dance, penny wars competition, pasta dinner, or better yet, come up with your own unique fundraising idea! Donate profits to your favorite Givology project. Profits can fund a child's education, help build a sustainable farm, or help children learn computer skills, among a variety of other possibilities. There's more great fundraising ideas in the chapter guidebook, available to [url=]download here[/url]!
[b]5. [url=]Volunteer[/url]![/b] Interact on social media, write blog posts, and advocate for education. No matter how much time you have, Givology has great ways to get involved. We believe that many small contributions can create a big impact.
[b]6. Write a letter![/b] Givology's message feature allows anyone to send a message to students at partner schools. Just go to a [url=]student's profile[/url] and click "message me." Words of encouragement and support are always welcome!
[b]7. [url=]Join[/url] a Givology chapter[/b][b], or [url=]Start One[/url]![/b] Givology has chapters all over the world, making a difference in unique ways like filming videos, participating in Givology campaigns, fundraising, and creating awareness about issues in education throughout their communities.
[b]8. Intern with Givology![/b] Internships at Givology give you the unique opportunity to lead your own projects and be part of a close community of individuals committed to making a difference. Interested in Social Media? Marketing? Finances? Writing articles? There are internships for all that and more. Find out more about internship opportunities at Givology [url=]here[/url]!
[b]9. Travel Abroad! [/b][url=]Become a Givology fellow[/url] and write about your experiences, connect with students and schools around the world, and collaborate with others! Fellows blog, help find new partners, and bring back photos and updates.
[b]10. Giv Gifts with a Purpose! [/b][url=]Givology gift cards[/url] allow recipients to donate money to any student or project, and all profits from [url=]T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other items [/url]benefit Givology too! [url=]False Reality[/url] is another great source for gifts with a purpose, with 5% of the company's profits benefiting Givology. The best gifts are those that make a difference and keep on giving.
No matter how you choose to get involved, you can have a huge impact on a child's life. Givology's supporters have raised $463,856 and contributed 83,064 logged hours as of now. These numbers continue to grow every day and help more and more children access education. We hope you join us in making a difference!

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