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Ten Must See Documentaries on International Education

By Julia Tofan
Givology's goal is create a world in which education is accessible to all children. One of the most important ways to support this mission is to learn about the issue. Documentaries and films are a great way to do that. Here's our top ten!

[b]1. Girl Rising:[/b] This film shares the lives of 9 girls who want an education, but face obstacles like child marriage, child labor, and poverty. From Wadley, in Haiti, who survives an earthquake but can't afford school tuition, to Yasmin, who refers to herself as a superhero after surviving assault, these 9 young girls are strong and powerful, but face many challenges. Watch it on Netflix or learn more about the [url=]Girl Rising[/url] movement here!

[b]2. On the Way to School: [/b]This film documents four students' difficult journey to get to school in different areas of the world. From being chased by elephants and being pushed in a wheelchair for 4 km due to a disability, to walking 15 km every day and crossing the Atlas Mountains, heroic children overcome great obstacles to get an education. Watch it on Netflix!

[b]3. Building Hope:[/b] [url=]This movie[/url] follows the construction of Mahiga, a rural Kenyan village's first high school, built collaboratively by members of the community. The prospective students, who now have the opportunity to continue their education after eight grade, share their inspiring career dreams and strong sense of hope.

[b]4. Big Dream:[/b] This movie is all about girls breaking barriers to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) careers. Whether they're opening learning centers for girls, starting camps, or speaking about important issues to spread the word, the girls in this movie are paving the way for women in STEM careers. Learn more about the Big Dream Movement [url=]here[/url]!

[b]5. Chile Rising:[/b] This documentary is less than 30 minutes long, but shares the powerful story of Chilean students fighting for all children's right to a free, quality education. Though they are targeted with police violence and their schools are raided, they continue to take part in the ongoing movement to make education accessible. Watch the full documentary [url=]here[/url]!

[b]6. I Learn America:[/b] [url=]This film[/url] takes viewers through the journey of five American immigrants who attend The International High School at Lafayette in New York City, a school dedicated to new immigrants. Students like Irat, a Muslim girl questioning whether she will go to college in America or return to Pakistan and get married, and Sing, a refugee who struggles to find his voice in English, a language he is just learning, reveal the unique difficulties faced by immigrant children trying to find a place in the world.

[b]7. To Be and To Have:[/b] [url=]This documentary[/url] captures the story of a one room school house in rural France that has to meet the diverse needs of children between ages 4 and 11. The teacher is a patient man, teaching the students lessons far beyond the curriculum as they take on life's challenges.

[b]8. Project Happiness:[/b] [url=]This film[/url] delves into happiness, something it deems a human right. The film follows children all over the world in their quest to find happiness and looks at the role that education has in that journey.

[b]9. To Educate a Girl:[/b] This film addresses what it takes to educate a girl, introducing viewers to Manisha, who works so that her 3 younger sisters can go to school, Mercy, the young daughter of a single mother, and Sarah, an orphan of war, all of whom face great difficulties in getting an education. In response to these challenges, many grassroots movements are supporting girls in getting an education. Watch the movie [url=]here[/url] to learn more!

[b]10. Wings of Evolution:[/b] This documentary introduces viewers to Siragu. Siragu is a free and quality school started for children in Indian slums, many of whom are the first in their families to get an education. [url=]Watch here[/url]!

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