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Givology Vietnam Update

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Givology has chapters all around the world making a difference. Chapters raise support and awareness for making education accessible globally. They're Givology's on the ground ambassadors, and they make our mission possible. We're excited to share an update from Givology Vietnam, an especially active chapter that has carried our remarkable projects. Their most recent project, "A Better Summer II," brought education to a rural village in Vietnam.
Summer, the time of festive activities, has come knocking at our doors. And this year, Givology Vietnam - Givology NKTP Hai Phong is celebrating summer with our interesting, yet no less meaningful project "A better summer II."
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"A better summer II" is one of our most significant annual charity projects and this year is the second time we have held such an amazing activity. Aiming to provide education for unfortunate kids of May Chai village, the project has attracted over 20 students from all over Hai Phong city to come together and help these children. All classes started at 2.30 p.m on every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday from June 15th to August 2nd. This year around, apart from three basic subjects (mathematics, literature, and English), we also provided them with the necessary knowledge about soft skills. To be specific, on Monday we taught the importance of protecting the surrounding environment, on Wednesday we taught lessons on common diseases and how to prevent or cure them, and on every Saturday afternoon we had a group activity to give the kids an enjoyable time.
With this meaningful project, Givology Vietnam - Givology NKTP Hai Phong members set our heart on bringing the kids here a truly extra-special summer class and giving the participants an unforgettable experience. We sincerely hope this year was an even bigger success than the previous year.
Givology is really excited about the amazing things Givology Vietnam and all of our other chapters have done. They've carried out [url=]photography campaigns[/url], held [url=]trivia nights[/url], and made [url=]videos[/url] to support Givology's mission! Check out the list of active Givology chapters [url=]here[/url] if you want to join a chapter, and [url=]click here[/url] to learn more about starting your own!

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