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Thank you for participating in our #MyFavoriteTeacher campaign!

We believe in the power of education in changing peoples lives. We believe that all students should have their basic right to education. In the global inequality that we currently live in, however, students are denied access to education due to financial reasons. They dont have the opportunity to learn from teachers who could make a difference in their lives. Givology wanted to raise awareness of the transformative power of education by launching our [url=][b]#MyFavoriteTeacher campaign[/b][/url]. We asked our supporters to share stories of their #MyFavoriteTeacher to enable more students from underprivileged communities to develop theirs.
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Our campaign ended in a huge success, with 114 stories submitted through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each of these stories shared a common message that teachers changed lives and empowered their students. [url=]Helen[/url] shared how her favorite teacher brought fun into the classroom, encouraging students to run wild with their ideas. [url=]Farnaz[/url] said her favorite teacher taught her that learning doesn't always have to come from the teacherstudents can take an active role in teaching others. [url=]Natalie[/url] thanked her teacher for working with her every day at lunch until she understood. She became a life-long learner through his efforts. [url=]Derralee[/url]'s favorite teacher made learning fun and challenged students to think outside of the box and to use imaginations. [url=]Jessica[/url]'s favorite teacher helped her realize that the best lessons in life come from giving. [url=]Joyce[/url], our CEO, tweeted about her favorite teacher, Professor Dunfee. He challenged her to think about global corporate ethics.
We also loved the photos and videos submitted for our #MyFavoriteTeacher campaign! [url=]Susan[/url] shared part of a letter she wrote to a professor who inspired her. [font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif][img]/images/user/1842_7465884472256337418.png[/img][/font]
[url=]Ariani [/url]took a picture with her favorite teacher, Professor Soekarno, and participated in the campaign.
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[font=Arial][url=]Woohee[/url] uploaded a photo of her favorite teacher, thanking him for bringing his passion for teaching and learning and his positive attitude to inspire many in the classroom. [/font]
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[font=Arial][url=]Brittany[/url] uploaded a video to twitter talking about her favorite teacher who taught history in her middle and high school years.[/font]
Another important part of our campaign was the donation pledges that we received. When we launched our campaign, we asked donors to make a pledge towards the campaign. People could choose the amount of money they would give per submission of #MyFavoriteTeacher story. The pledges not only gave donors an ownership over the campaign but also solicited donations for Givology as well. We had [b]$3.30 raised for each post[/b], which brings [b]a total of $376.20 raised through the #MyFavoriteTeacher campaign[/b]. This campaign reaffirmed our belief that [b]small actions can aggregate for a bigger change[/b]. Most of the pledges we received ranged between 5 cents to 10 cents per submission. We were able to bring individual stories and small donations into making differences in other students lives, and we hope to continue leveraging the power of small donations to make powerful changes.
We would like to extend our sincere gratitude for supporters who participated in our campaign. We hope this campaign gave you a chance to reflect on how you were transformed through the impact of a teacher. Thanks to your contributions, we will be able to fund students to continue learning great lessons from their favorite teachers!

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