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New Intern - Jo Rosengreen

Hi, my name is Jo Rosengreen. I joined the Givology intern program in September 2015. I live on the Sunshine Coast in Australia and have three healthy, happy teenagers. We are extremely privileged to have been born in Australia, a peaceful country where education is available to all children.
I am starting a new business which is related to childrens education and I have been looking for a charity to support which helps children in far less fortunate circumstances than my own. In July 2015 I started studying Psychology at the University of the Sunshine Coast, but that didn't last long! Two weeks in, I realised the degree wasn't for me. However, whilst studying on my laptop, information popped up about Givology. I was easily distracted from my studies and wanted to learn more.
I am extremely impressed with what Givology is doing. The fact that it is 100% volunteer based and was setup by University students is admirable and something that I want to be a part of. I am currently enjoying learning more about Givology through preparing Instagram posts  something that my 14 year old daughter knows a great deal more about than me and thankfully, is happy to help.
Thankyou to Givology for allowing me the opportunity to make a difference.
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