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Lessons from a Givology Fellow at the Circle of Peace School, Uganda

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[b]How it all Started[/b]
Jonah Hetherington, Givology fellow, first got involved with Givology when he met Givology co-founder Joyce Meng at a global finance conference and realized that his career and his desire to make a social impact did not have to be mutually exclusive. Inspired, he pursued a fellowship with Givology. Two months later, he was paired with the Circle of Peace School and faced the great challenge of making a difference in only ten days. Through strong collaboration, he brought his financial experience to the table and was able to do just that.

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Photo from [url=]Jonah Hetherington's Blog[/url]
[b]Circle of Peace School[/b]
The Circle of Peace School is a school for children in orphanages and poverty in and near Kampala, Uganda's capital. The school started as a nursery school when Joanita Senoga, a local Sunday school teacher, found that children lacked basic reading, writing, and math skills and met that need by starting a nursery school. As the children grew, her school was their only option because they could not afford expensive alternatives, so she expanded every year until the school taught all 7 years of primary school, as it currently does. To raise money, the school raises poultry. The students help manage the farm and sell the eggs, and parents pay what they can.

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Photo from [url=]Jonah Hetherington's Blog[/url]
[b]Making a Difference[/b]
Because the poultry farm is the primary way that the school funds expenses, it's very important that it's profitable. During his fellowship, Jonah Hetherington helped improve financial planning for the poultry farm and develop a business plan for a new maize mill to help the school raise funds.
Of his experience, he writes,
"I came to the Circle of Peace looking for directions. Directions to a path where I could leave a visible trail that could guide this school to a place that would leave them off better than before I arrived. Farook would be the first guide I would meet who could assist in this task. But it was by exploring the tale of his whole familys story that I slowly realized that I may have found directions in my own life as well; a map to somewhere Ive been searching for [i]for so long.[/i]
And so began the search of the new cartographers of persistence, of peace and of proactivity in addressing one of the greatest challenges facing the world today."
To learn more about Jonah Hetherington's experience, [url=]click here[/url] to read his blog.
[b]How can you Help?[/b]
The Circle of Peace school relies on the poultry farm and maize mill to earn enough money to fund the students' education. To make this possible, they need your help. If you feel inspired by the work of Circle of Peace School, you can [url=]click here[/url] to learn more about their poultry farm and make a donation, and [url=]click here[/url] to learn more about their maize mill and make a donation. The students at Circle of Peace School come from difficult backgrounds, but have big dreams and a strong love for learning, as seen in past students at the school who have received support from Givology, like [url=]Joy Namubiru[/url], [url=]Ivy Nantume[/url], and [url=]Kuteesa Abu[/url]. With your support, more students can gain access to education and overcome the struggles they face.
If you feel inspired by Jonah Hetherington's story and want to learn more about fellowships with Givology, [url=]click here[/url]!

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