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Chapter Update: Fundraising

By Julia Tofan
Givology depends on small hours and small dollars to make a difference. To do that, we work with chapters, groups of people in high schools, colleges, or communities that want to get together and change the world for students who otherwise wouldn't be able to go to school or educational projects that otherwise wouldn't be funded.
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Givology's most recent chapter-led fundraiser was at [url=]Richard Montgomery High School[/url] in Maryland. The group organized a local band for musical entertainment, brought baked goods for a bake sale, and spent two hours at the event, attracting many donors. They set no prices, allowing people to donate however much they wanted in exchange for the delicious treats and inspiring people to give what they could. The chapter was happy to report that they raised $250, allowing them to donate to two students this year.
They money they raised is enough to fund the rest of [url=]Arnaud Adro's[/url] education. Arnaud is a middle school student who lost his mother at a young age and currently lives with his uncle, a farmer. He is working hard to become a police officer to "serve his nation and help his family get a better life." It also leaves enough to fund [url=]Yan He's[/url] education. Yan He also lost her mother at a young. Today, she is succeeding in school, maintaining good grades despite financial hardship in her family. Though the club has not specified who their fundraiser is dedicated to, they will surely make a huge difference and make education more accessible for someone in need.
This is just one example of the many fundraisers run each year. Chapters and individuals have organized international food nights, talent shows, and partnerships with local businesses that donate a certain percentage of sales to Givology. If you're interested in learning more about joining a Givology chapter, [url=]click here[/url]! If you don't see one in your area, [url=]click here[/url] to learn more about starting your own!

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