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Weekly Blog #1- Educate!

Every week, staff members from Givology will blog about a partner that we have corresponded with, and share with you the story of that organization. This week, Givology will focus on Educate!, a group that helps students in Africa address socioeconomic problems they face locally.
With its headquarters located in Boulder, Colorado, Educate!, founded in 2002 by an American high school student, is an organization that has successfully offered education to over 120,000 African youths in 2016, estimating one million by 2024. Among its many achievements, including being highlighted in the New Brookings Report, being recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative, and winning the 2015 WISE Award, Educate! has helped students earn double the income of their peers, and more specifically, a 105% increase.
Although its primary country of operation is Uganda, Educate! looks forward to expanding to 9 different countries from 2017 to 2022. According to their [url=]website[/url], "Educate!'s model is sustainable, cost effective, and built for massive scale." The growing number of 70,000 in 2014 to the current 122,500 Ugandan students attests to their flourishing education model.
The problem that Educate! tries to solve is the broken education system across Africa with schools that do not adequately educate children for skills they need in the real world. As a result, many children grow up only to face unemployment. However, with Educate!s help, youths are starting to find their purpose and solve poverty for themselves.
Givology has partnered with Educate! and helped 10 students and projects reaching the amount of money they need. Givology has raised $2686 for students to pay their tuitions. These students are from different cities in Uganda, including Bugiri, Amuru, and Tororo. Through the Socially Responsible Leadership Course with Educate!, these students are trained to become the future leaders of their community, with many of them growing up to establish their own self-sustaining enterprises.
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Interested in more information about Educate!? Click [url=]here[/url], or go view a [url=]youtube video[/url] about them.
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by Macy Huang

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