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Givology Summer Campaign

How do you learn?
Givology is launching the campaign from July 15th to August 31st, and we want you to join our mission as we learn about how you learn. Get involved in our campaign by sending us moments of you learning through social media, including [url=]Facebook[/url], [url=]Twitter[/url], [url=]Instagram[/url], and [url=]Tumblr[/url]. Dont forget to tag us with #HowILearned! Any sort of picture is welcome, whether it be learning in the classroom, materials that you use to learn, moments when you learn important lessons, learning via camping, travelling, volunteering, etc.
Your participation is a great contribution to our campaign, and all participants will receive gift certificates that can be used on Givologys website to fund students and projects on education around the world.
We value the impact small actions have on bringing big changes. Join our campaign and know that your picture would serve a great impact in bringing positive changes to students and schools around the world!
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Here are some pictures of Givology students learning around the globe.
(The Advocacy Project)
(Fountain of Hope in Zambia)

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(Escuela Caracol in Guatemala)

For more pictures [url=]click on this[/url].

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