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Givology Impact Series Podcast: Binghamton University

By Helen Tang
Hi everyone! The 5th Givology Impact Series Podcast is up on Soundcloud now, this time featuring our first podcast with one of our university chapters, Binghamton University! You can find it here:
In this podcast we are joined with Brett Kanter, the president of Givology Binghamton, as he talks about his chapter and their methods of fundraising and supporting Givology partners. Brett is going into his second year as the president of the chapter, and has previously served as treasurer for Givology Binghamton.

The takeaway:
The Binghamton chapter did not actually begin as a Givology chapter, but rather as a club named Students for Students International. When it became a full-fledged Givology chapter, it cut ties with all other giving organizations and began to focus solely on Givology.
Brett, having having gone club-hopping, stuck with Givology because on the first day of the Givology general interest meeting, they wrote letters to the students who were the recipients of the donations; this deeply moved him encouraged him to join. Later on, the club would go on to raise funds for students by conducting bake sales among the students, which is rather successful. To increase interest and raise awareness of Givology's cause, the club hosts an annual talent show, which brings in many new club members.
For other students who are looking to start a Givology chapter in their school or university, Brett states that the hardest part is getting through all the red tape, so the most important thing is to remain persistent and stick with your goal. As college students, Brett and his club members have, through their work with Givology, realized the impact and worth of their education, hoping to do their best to spread the gift of education to other students.
For more information, you can find Givology Binghamton at
Happy listening!

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