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Weekly Blog #3- PEACH Foundation

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Here are some updates: Givology has officially launched our summer campaign! So please don't forget to post a picture of yourself on a social media site and tag us with #HowILearned. Remember that your photo is a great contribution to helping a child receive better education. We have also uploaded our monthly newsletter to [url=]This link[/url]!
This week, our featured partner is the PEACH foundation. The name stands for Promoting Education, Art, and Community Harvest. In general terms, this organization helps students from low-income families in the poorest parts in China. The economic gap in China has been getting wider, and for those who already lacked the necessary monetary support, this trend is very detrimental to the next generation who do not have the appropriate support to climb out of poverty. However, the PEACH organization, with its headquarters located in California, targets the fundamental problem plaguing the poor students, education, and sponsors the poorest students& with the greatest needs.
In 2016, the PEACH foundation selected 1100 new students to be part of the program in Yunnan, an undeveloped province in China. Among these children, 300 are orphans and kids from single-parent families in 7th grade& the rest of the 800 students are 9th and 10th grade students with excellent grades. However, about 20% of these older students are also orphans or come from single-parent homes. By selecting a range of students who differs only in age, PEACH educates children who bond like a family because of similar experiences. While they grew up struggling with hunger and lack of love, they have learned to take care of themselves and never give up.
Philanthropy is not always effective with only good intentions. It needs a good donating platform. Givology has successfully launched and sponsored 64 students and projects, with each one raising approximately $300. From the funding, these students are able to graduate from college, pursue their careers, and possibly return to working in the field of philanthropy, helping more children. For the PEACH foundation, 50 college students who benefitted from this program returned in February this year to teach younger kids. This is a great cycle worth continuing.
For more information, visit their [url=]website[/url]. Interested in donating? We have a 10th grade student on our [url=]front page[/url] that aspires to receive education so that she can raise money in the future for her elderly parents.
Heres just a little excerpt from one of the PEACH students:
"In PEACH Winter Camp, we are one big family. We are siblings who share all our worries, sadness and difficulties. I reminded myself to put myself in your position when you, my little brothers and sisters, appeared lost and depressed. I know you have experienced most hurtful verbal and physical abuses in your neighborhood and in your school. I too grew up in that kind of environment. However, I never allowed that to defeat me. On the other hand, we need to work even harder. With good grades and the resolution of never giving up, we can change our lives. We will show those people who treated us as trash that we are better!"
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We are more than thankful for all your help. Thanks for reading.

by Macy Huang

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