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Back to School, Back to Giving: South County High School

[font=Noteworthy-Light]This year, the South County High School Givology team has some major goals. It's their first year participating in Givology, and they will try their hardest to have the biggest impact on today's educational needs. They hope to raise beyond their fundraising goal, recruit as many high students as possible, and spread a large communication pool around their school. That way, everyone at South County is someway and somehow involved in helping Givology and its mission of bringing a better education foundation to many students in need. Either by hosting a chipotle, textbook, or bake sale fundraiser, the South County Givology team is devoted to being there for everyone, both to the Givology team and students across the globe. Sincerely, they hope to gain experience in helping the real world and increasing their understanding about today's international educational challenges.[/font]
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