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Give Inspiration Interview Transcript: Ashley Culver


Givology's Give Inspiration campaign asked packaging designer Ashley Culver about her work, what inspires her and why. Here is the transcript from her interview. We invite you to visit [url=][/url] to watch the video of her, and other artists, interviews.

[b]Video Transcript[/b]:
"I package pretty much anything that comes in anybody's everyday life. So when you go to the store, anything that you buy has to be put into a box, or put into a clamshell or something along those lines, and at the company I work for we do innovations so we come up with brand new products that aren't out on the market yet and I package them to make them look like they are.

What inspires me is dinosaurs. All my personal work somehow relates back to dinosaurs. I just really am inspired by dinosaurs because they are something that has actually existed but only in people's imaginations. They're real, there are scientific facts that they are there, but all of the stuff that we've seen and drawings of dinosaurs and pictures of dinosaurs are all imagined by people and I think that there's not many things out there like that. The tyrannosaurus rex has shown up a lot in my artwork. I am currently doing some triceratops trophies, um, wall mounts.

What inspires me to work outside of work is the need to create and wanting to do stuff that personally brings me joy. I think that the design field could inspire change in the world just by making eco friendly packaging or designing for charities and non for profits and I think that the design world has a very big impact on change and inspiring people to get out there and to make change. As long as you are doing the art that you love to do and you love the way it looks thats really all that matters and thats what should make you happy."

[b]About Ashley[/b]: Ashley Culver was born to design packages. She received her Masters of Sciences in Packaging Design from Pratt and has won several awards and accolades, including the Marc A. Rosen Scholarship for Graduate Packaging Design. Her work was recently showcased at LuxePack NY 2011. She currently works with Brand Now creating realistic, 3D packaging renderings and finished package designs.

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