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Giveinspiration: Kien Lam, Photographer

[b]Video Transcript:[/b]
As much as I enjoyed working in finance, I wanted to do more with my time. And so I decided to just quit one day, and I bought a one way ticket to London, and then started traveling around the world. And because I had photography as a hobby, I put together this sort of time lapse video of all the places that I went to and I tried to distill down months and months of travel into a few minutes.
When I came back, instead of taking another job in business or finance, I decided to give myself two to three years to see if I can do something in the arts. I get more time to travel. I get more time to learn new skills, have new hobbies, and the time to actually go and see places, experience things, and be able to capture that with the photography.
The idea that you can learn anything, anywhere nowadays – that’s what pushes me to do whatever I do every day, is the idea that if I get bored of something, I can pick up a new skill, I can pick up a new area of knowledge, and I can do it in San Francisco where I live or I can do it somewhere else in the world.
I think art is probably one of the best mediums as far as inspiring people to do anything. It’s just the last few years in the explosion of videos, we think about videos that really capture the imagination of people. I’d like for whatever I do to inspire everyone to go out there and want to explore and see the world.

[b]About Kien[/b]: Kien Lam is an avid global traveler, photographer, filmmaker, thinker, and entrepreneur. As a social media influencier, his videos have generated millions of views and inspired many people to seize the day. Read more about his adventures at: [url=][/url]

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