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Have you ever wanted to get a look into the stories behind the lives of students in Somalia, or even Peru? Givology's new campaign, Humans of Givology, aims to do just this.
Humans of Givology features inspiring stories of people from our grassroots education projects. Through Humans, you will get a glimpse into the lives of students and children from all over the globe each week of this campaign. Humans of Givology visually shows you and tells the story of the impact educational partner nonprofits have throughout the world - we introduce you to them on a personal and intimate level, starting with Aid India (India) to the Abaarso School of Science and Technology (Somalia).
[/color]We are launching our campaign now (January), and Givology wants your help in spreading the message.
1) Visit our [url=]Instagram[/url], [url=]Facebook[/url], and [url=]Twitter [/url]daily to catch up on our latest #HumansofGivology post.
2) Tell your friends about Humans of Givology and share the stories of the students featured in our posts.
3) Use our tag #HumansofGivology to express your thoughts and share stories and photos of people who have inspired you in education. Photos can be of students, teachers, and any person in your life that you are touched by.
"Humans of Givology" Featured Organizations
- Aid India
- Dreams That Could Be
- Skip Peru
- Abaarso
- Starfish One By One
- Tea Leaf Trust

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