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Walnut Chapter Update: A Wondrous Beginning

[font='Times New Roman']Hey guys! [/font]
[font='Times New Roman']As all members of a stable upper middle class, we realized how little we knew about the world and the lives of the less fortunate. Since we have the time, the resources, the energy, we thought it would be a great idea to reach out to them. Givology provided us with an easy way to get to know projects that we could do to help those that may not receive an opportunity for proper education, and that’s how everything all began.[/font]
We feel that often, we don’t grasp the value of education, since it’s practically force fed to us. We never had to trek long miles to get to a school or work for longs hours just to afford some very basic necessities. However, children in other countries do, and they’re just as worthy and deserving as us. They need an education too, and it’s our moral obligation to help them.
This year, we’ve planned quite a few fundraisers to raise money for Let’s Go for Geometry, which is sending materials and supplies to fourteen schools in Uganda! They’re goal is only four hundred and fifty dollars, so we should be able to meet it before the end of this school year!
When you join, you’re supporting impoverished communities that lack something everyone should have a right to. Education. Eventually, one day, we hope that everyone will have proper schooling! ^_^

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