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Seven Reasons to Volunteer

Seven Reasons to Volunteer:

We are looking to hire more interns and volunteers! As a 100% volunteer-run organization, we rely on the ideas, energy, and commitment of our volunteers to make quality education accessible to all. Our motto is give to learn, learn to give - small volunteer hours can aggregate into a powerful movement. To learn more about getting involved with Givology, click here:

Why volunteer? Martin Luther King Jr. once said: The most important question in life is what are you doing for others? Regardless of age and background, people can do extraordinary things when given the chance. Whether with Givology or with other organizations, we think volunteering - the giving of time and skills - can be even more valuable than monetary donations, and should become a habit. While many view volunteering as simply a way to feel warm and fuzzy after helping someone, there are numerous ways volunteering can lead to surprising additional benefits.

1. A Career Boost
Volunteering creates a positive impression on recruiters, as it presents you as thoughtful, dedicated and innovative. A survey conducted by TimeBank demonstrated that among 200 leading businesses in the UK, 73 percent of employers would recruit a candidate with volunteering experience over one without. The same survey concluded that 94 percent of employers believe that volunteering can add to skill.

2. Learn new skills
What makes volunteers so valuable to employers in the first place? Volunteering is an excellent way to develop organizational and social skills and problem-solving abilities. Through volunteering, you can also learn new skills ranging from a new language to coding. Givology runs on team-oriented projects. While collaborating with others in projects, you can develop organizational and leadership skills. Givology also provides the exquisite opportunity to apply and improve your skills in a hands-on fashion. For example, you can build writing skills on the editorial staff, and gain deeper economic understanding by helping manage finances.

3. Networking
Volunteering can lead to job and college opportunities by developing relationships. Givology especially encourages national and international social interaction, therefore opening doors in and out of your community. Besides career boosting, volunteering is a valuable way to make friends with a lasting impact on your life.
4.It is inspiring
Volunteering gets you out of your comfort zone by introducing you to new experiences. Volunteering helps you find pursue passions and develop new interests. Through Givology, you can explore sectors of the team, ranging from writing to photography to technology. Givology volunteers often establish a new direction in life or gain a fresh perspective.

5. Develops sense of purpose
Everyone has something unique to offer in terms of skills, ideas, and experience. Volunteering provides the opportunity to help a cause you are passionate about, ranging from animals to education to healthcare. In Givology, you can pursue projects relating to your interests; for example, someone who enjoys writing can help the organization by writing newsletters. We believe that there is always time to spare to volunteer and make a difference.

6. It is fun!
There is no doubt that volunteering is a serious activity requiring dedication and commitment. However, through making friends and doing activities you enjoy, volunteering becomes an enjoyable, fun experience. It is an opportunity to go on adventures and take positive risks.

7. Initiates growth
Overall, volunteering drives personal growth. From building technical and social skills to bonding with your community to finding a purpose, volunteering is an unforgettable experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Next time you think you are too busy for volunteering, think of how the results will outweigh the time you spend.

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