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EfforTZ Foundation Student Update for Anjela Engai

When we last gave an update on Anjela's situation, she had been admitted to Sangiti Secondary School as a Form I student. Her 1st semester went extremely well, considering how poor her primary school educational environment was.
Anjela has now completed her 2nd semester, and has done even better than in her first semester! She earned an "A" average overall and placed 7th in her class of 97 students. Hurray for Anjela!
She earned A's in Civics, History, Chemistry, Geography, French, English, Physics, Biology, and Computer Science. She received a B in Swahili, and C's in Math and Agriculture.
Thank you, Givology supporters, for helping to make Anjela's secondary school education possible and for saving her from a forced marriage at the age of 14!


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