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[b]Katy Ma is our Community Manager and Developmental Intern[/b][b] at Givology[/b][b]. [/b][b]Katy joined Givology in the fall of 2012 as a development intern. Currently, she is a core team member assisting with various projects and social media. She is thankful to be part of such a talented team and have the opportunity to make an impact on the world by raising awareness for education issues. She [/b][b]profiles the organization, Association of Christian Mothers for Assistance to Vulnerable (AMCAV), [/b][b]in [/b][b]our book [/b][b][i]“A Guide to Giving[/i][/b][b][i].[/i][/b][b][i]”[/i][/b]
[b]Aside from Givology, she is involve[/b][b]d with other organizations, such as[/b][b]SPARK. In addition[/b][b], Katy[/b][b] founded the [/b][b][i]I Am Proud Campaign[/i][/b][b]([/b][url=][b][/b][/url][b]), a blog and user-submitted photo gallery that aims to promote diversity and positive [/b][b]self-esteem[/b][b] in young women.[/b][b] It promotes awareness [/b][b]of [/b][b]the influence of popular culture and advertising on teens.[/b]

[b]Katy is 17 years old, and attends [/b][b]Central Bucks High School West in[/b][b]Pennsylvania[/b][b]. Katy is a youth activist passionate about education, humanitarian service, and empowering teen girls.[/b][b] [/b][b]In her free time, Katy enjoys painting, learning new instruments, traveling and food.[/b]
[b]From Katy:[/b]
[b][i]Working at Givology has really motivated me to value my education. I know that wherever I go, in whatever circumstance I’m in, I’ll be able to apply it in some way. I’m excited by the way Givology is revolutionizing philanthropy through online giving, and how we’ve been able to connect our grassroots partners to a wider, global network of individual donors. When reading through our students’ profiles, I always find that we share many hobbies and interests. I’m inspired by their gratitude and hard-work despite whatever hardships they face.[/i][/b]
[b][i]I'm incredibly inspired by ev[/i][/b][b][i]eryone on our team. GO GIVOLOGY![/i][/b]

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