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[font='Lucida Sans Unicode']Liu Jiang is Givology’s Chief Development Officer. She has been part of Givology for the past 3 ½ years. Liu first got involved with Givology as a development intern during her high school years. In Liu’s words: [/font][i][color=#C0504D]“Givology was my favorite part of my high school experience. I have most enjoyed meeting, working with, and learning from Givology's core team, chapters, and volunteers, who are of all ages, races, and geographic locations.”[/color][/i][font='Lucida Sans Unicode'] [/font][font='Lucida Sans Unicode']Liu finds her inspiration in helping others who are less fortunate. She is committed to help them achieve their goals. Liu wrote an amazing story about[/font][font='Lucida Sans Unicode'] [/font][font='Lucida Sans Unicode']Peach Foundation [/font][font='Lucida Sans Unicode']( [/font][font='Lucida Sans Unicode'] [/font][font='Lucida Sans Unicode']Peach Foundation helps children in the poorest regions of China to continue their education all the way to college. Find out more about the Peach Foundation in our book [/font][i][color=#4F81BD]“#GiveInspiration: How to Give Effectively[b]”[/b][/color][/i][font='Lucida Sans Unicode'] [/font][font='Lucida Sans Unicode']now available at[/font]
[font='Lucida Sans Unicode']Liu is 18 years old, and currently studying Economics at Stanford University in California. She is actively involved in Stanford's entrepreneurial community with TEDxStanford, StartX, and the Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students (BASES). In her free time, she enjoys filming documentaries. Her greatest reward from volunteering is reading the updates from partner organizations and students. She has always been pleasantly surprised by the amount of freedom Givology gives to its members, regardless of age, in terms of spearheading their own projects and campaigns. Every single member makes a huge difference![/font]

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