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Get to Know Givology - DJ

My name is DJ I am currently a rising junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science Technology and live in Centreville, Virginia. In general, some subjects that I'm really interested in are Spanish, business, and technology, and I am really passionate for volunteering. Outside of being involved with Givology, I am an officer for the Spanish Honor Society at my school, am highly involved with a non-profit organization called GIVE (which is pretty similar to Givology, but on a smaller scale), am a boy-scout, and am on the crew team for my school. In my free time, I love listening to music and watching the newest shows on Netflix!

How did you find Givology and what made you want to join the organization?
DJ found about Givology through the internship fair and felt that it would be a good fit for him, since he currently volunteers with GIVE - a nonprofit in Northern Virginia that focuses on education and empowering the youth.

What does Givology’s mission mean to you?/Why is Givology’s mission important to you?
DJ feels that the message means providing opportunities for kids who don’t have the same resources and access to education as others. It is important to him because he recognizes the importance of his education. Before high school, he didn’t have the skills and ability to pursue his passions. Now that he has the tools to be successful, he wants to provide that for other children around the world.

What do you hope to achieve off volunteering/interning with Givology?
[font=Georgia]He hopes to make a definitive beneficial effect and feels that, “all of us working together as interns at Givology can make a difference to people across the world even without meeting them.”[/font]

What is your advice to anyone thinking about volunteering for Givology?
"Everything is online. It is very accessible. Just go for it...if you come to realize you can’t handle it, talk to the head of the organization (who are so nice and considerate) and they can sort it out."

What gives you motivation everyday to volunteer?
He is able to feel the first hand effects. With ‘GIVE” he has tutored kids in the past. Simply helping people can bring a smile to people’s faces. A person with the skills who can help, should.

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