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Get to Know Givology-Ankit Badatala

Hi, My name is Ankit Badatala. I am 16 years old and a rising junior at Thomas Jefferson High School. I love to play sports. I am on my high school Varsity Football and Varsity Track teams. I also am into investing and buying stocks.
In my spare time I enjoy using my tech/coding skills to create programs that help people. For example, I created an Artificial Intelligence program that helps younger students in a classroom environment learn more efficiently by allowing them to enter their own questions and showing them step by step how to solve it or exactly what they got wrong.
I also volunteer a lot in the summer or whenever I get time. I go to a local elementary school and help under privileged students learn interesting topics in STEM that aren't offered in their regular school curriculum.

How did you find Givology and what made you want to join the organization?
At my high school, there was an internship fair and Givology was one of the organizations that I found interesting. I chose to volunteer at Givology because I believe in their philosophy and I love their saying, “Give to Learn, Learn to Give”.

What does Givology’s mission mean to you?/Why is Givology’s mission important to you?
I understand how important good education is and how much impact it has on your life. Givology is helping to provide education to places in the world where it is most needed and that is something very special.

What do you hope to achieve off volunteering/interning with Givology?
I believe that everybody has a responsibility to try to make the world a better place and interning for Givology allows me to do something. Something that will make a difference in people’s lives.

What is your advice to anyone thinking (unsure) about volunteering for Givology?
I would definitely encourage them to volunteer at Givology. It is a great organization and you can basically volunteer anywhere round the world at anytime. This makes it very flexible.

What gives you motivation everyday to volunteer?
I get motivated knowing that everyday I intern at Givology. I know that my work will make a difference and that’s something very important.

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