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[b]William Flattery[/b]
[font=Impact, sans-serif]Giving Takes Perspective[/font]
Will is Givology's Director of Corporate Sponsorships, in charge of submitting grants and exploring mutually beneficial partnerships for the organization. Givology currently works with more than 58 field partner organizations, and communication is a significant tool for expanding the Givology network.
Like many of our volunteers, Will first got involved with Givology through our website. [url=][/url]. Since day one, he felt welcome and part of the team. In Will’s words [i]“We have really interesting and bright people in our team, and we partner with great organizations that are creating an impact on the world. I especially appreciate our senior leadership[/i][i] [/i][i]Joyce Meng[/i][i] [/i][i]and[/i][i] [/i][i]Jenn Chen. [/i][i]They have always been very inclusive and supportive.”[/i]
In our book #GiveInspiration: How to Give Effectively, Will had the opportunity to write about Pastor Natanael Lizarazo from The Emmaus Road Foundation. Emmaus Road started with children giving a couple pennies to support a cause, and has grown to positively impact 100+ students and families throughout the years. He hopes the book will inspire individuals to act and give. Will appreciates the experiences and rewards he has gotten from working with Givology and is thankful for the knowledge, adventures and opportunities it has afforded him. Volunteering has given Will a new perspective, in which the focus is no longer on oneself, but rather on others.

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