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Get to Know Givology-Aaron Chai


Hi, I’m Aaron Chai, a rising senior at Freedom High School and the Loudoun Academy of Science in Virginia. I’m devoted environmental and food sustainability, and conduct research in pollination systems. Most memorably, I’ve participated in a weeklong marine bio trip near San Salvador Island. I’ve served as business captain the past year on my robotics team, and I direct the AOS school pep band. I have previously volunteered at Hopecam, an organization gifting technology to students socially isolated due to cancer treatment. In my free time, I love to bike, play frisbee, and listen to music.

1.How did you find Givology and what made you want to join the organization?
I found Givology through my peers attending Thomas Jefferson High school, and seeing Givology’s innovative and business-like approach to philanthropy, I was hooked. From a first call in, I realized that I could really apply some of my skills to the organization, and I am honored to play my part in it.

2. What does Givology's mission mean to you?/Why is Givology's mission important to you?
Givology seeks to link donors with high-impact education, and really, education decides what path in life a person takes, possibly helping someone cross the gap between poverty and economic sufficiency. Educational spending functions to catalyze a chain of many generations of learning and, I believe, the best mode of giving to underprivileged students. Givology’s approach to making a platform to publicize some of the most promising educational programs, and promoting greater discussion about opportunities seems to be the most effective way to providing better education.

3. What do you hope to achieve off volunteering/interning with Givology?
As a givology intern, I hope to continue learning to apply and develop industry related skills, and really understand givology as an organization spanning philanthropy and business. I hope to apply for grants and create partnerships for the givology cause so that we have greater financial flexibility to pursue initiatives.

4. What is your advice for anyone thinking (unsure) about volunteering for Givology?
In this organization, it's evident that every voice really matters. The staff is amazing and eager to impart their knowledge, and your involvement is entirely what you make it. Givology offers you a chance to develop and lead a project as an intern which is incredibly unique and rewarding manifold.

5. What gives you motivation everyday to volunteer?
With an organization as well organized, staffed, and regarded as Givology, and further, because of the organization’s flexibility, every day, there’s a huge opportunity to make ideas come into being and making a positive impact on a number of lives. The fact that an organization like this is so full of opportunity being directly and intimately involved with life-altering education around the globe really motivates me as an Givology team-member.

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