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Featured Project: Educate Congolese Kids Born of Rape (Rwenena Schl)

[b][u]Written by Kristy Liao, Givology Blogger[/u][/b]
AMCAV is a grassroots Congolese organization that provides counseling and support for female rape victims, widows, orphans, and the chronically ill or disabled. In 2011, AMCAV started an initiative to help the children of these disadvantaged groups attend school for the first time. One of [url=]AMCAV[/url]'s ongoing projects is to [url=]educate children born of rape[/url] in the South Kivu village of Rwenena. We currently need $790 more to continue this project!
[b]What is this project about?[/b]
Since 1996, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly known as Zaire) has been embroiled in extreme violence and civil unrest. Along with ongoing inter-ethnic conflicts, sexual violence remains a major issue in the area today. Women who have been raped are often disowned by their husbands. As a result, children born of rape remain at home and are denied an education. AMCAV's project aims to pay three months' worth of tuition for fifty of these children.
[b]What makes this project different from others?[/b]
The Congolese government does not fund school facilities or pay salaries to teachers and principals. Without funding, students born of rape must return home and endure stigmatization for the rest of their lives. Additionally, very few international NGOs address problems in this region. AMCAV's project is working towards the UN Global Education First Initiative to bring every child into school and improve the quality of learning by 2015.
[b]What will be the impact of this project?[/b]
[ul][li]Disadvantaged students will be given daily transportation to the Rwenena Primary School in South Kivu.[/li][li]Children will be able to write in their own composition books instead of on the communal classroom blackboard.[/li][li]Teachers and principals, who commute up to three hours to the school and pay for their own gasoline, will finally have chairs in the classrooms.[/li][li]Each student will feel like a valued member of both the school and the community.[/li][/ul]

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