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Get to Know Givology-Tina Wang


Hi, my name is Tina Wang and I’m a tech intern at Givology. I’m a senior at Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Technology in Virginia, At TJ, where I have maintained a curriculum with emphasis on computer science and have experience working with Java and web and mobile app development. As an officer at my school's UNICEF club and a tutor outside the school, I interacted with lots of kids and learned that education should be for everyone. In my free time, I love listening to music, playing lacrosse, and watching food videos.

[b]How did you find Givology and what made you want to join the organization?[/b]
I found out about Givology at our school’s internship fair. I decided to join right away because I can apply my knowledge to the right place. I've always wanted to participate in something that is bigger that what I'm living in. I wanted to make an impact and let better education to not be something everyone talks about, but acts on.

[b]What does Givology’s mission mean to you? Why is Givology’s mission important to you?[/b]
Givology’s mission to spread education and opportunities for others around the world is the same reason why I became a tutor for kids who are more disadvantaged compared others. Givology’s mission is really important to me because I think that every kid deserves a decent education regardless of where they are or who they are. It is really bringing people together to learn about giving help to others and know that education should be accessible to all.

[b]What do you hope to achieve off volunteering/interning with Givology?[/b]
I hope to contribute a part to the tech team, and mainly to spread our network and make our website more convenient and pleasing for people to interact with so that it would really encourage them to take action to improve education around the world.

[b]What is your advice to anyone thinking (unsure) about volunteering for Givology?
[/b] I would like to encourage them to join. Even with the mass amount of schoolwork, I feel that the work is very manageable and schedule is very flexible. Also, you would be doing this for a good cause, so why not?

[b]What gives you motivation every day to volunteer?[/b]
I think knowing that I am part of a community and am contributing to it gives me the motivation to keep going and making more changes in others.

[b]What is your favorite cause on Givology and why? [/b]
My favorite projects at Givology are Pens, Pencils and Sharpeners for Tanzanian School and Mobile Shipping Containers Classroom in Benin. From small resources like stationary goods to large ones such as a classroom that is made from recycled materials, it encourages people to think that there are lots of ways to help others and even just to make a small change.

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