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Joyce Meng
[b]Giving takes compassion, coupled with reason to create impact.[/b]
Joyce Meng is Givology’s CEO and co-founder, with a vision of an open community in which small dollars and some hours can turn into a powerful force for change. Joyce and Jennifer Chen founded Givology in 2008 while they were undergraduate students at the University of Pennsylvania.
In Joyce’s words, "[i]It’s unfair that millions of children around the world are denied the basic right to education, and we can all do something to fix this. It’s not just the big donors and foundations that count – everyone has something to give – whether it is time, money, or skills[/i] [i]– and everyone deserves full transparency and engagement with the cause they are supporting." [/i]Joyce's main responsibilities as CEO are to coordinate and strategize Givology's various special projects and campaigns. Joyce is inspired by the idea of Givology expanding and reaching out to more organizations. She strongly believes in open communication and full engagement of our project leaders and team members.
Joyce is inspired to give because she thinks there are a lot of injustices in the world that can be corrected if we all collectively work together towards a solution. Education’s influence on health, poverty alleviation, empowerment, economic opportunity, gender equality, and democracy are well-understood – it is the foundation for solving the multi-dimensional complexity of poverty. In her part of the book, Joyce wanted to share Givology’s inception, unique story and incredible growth.
"[i]It's truly amazing – it’s rewarding to know that we’ve been able to help send kids to school, train teachers, build libraries, among other activities…but we’re driven to more because every incremental amount matters a lot and there’s still so much more that we can do! We’re not resting comfortably – the team is constantly motivated to improve and grow the impact of our network." [/i]
Joyce currently lives and works in NYC. She graduated from the Huntsman Program at the University of Pennsylvania in 2008 and went on to get a MSc in Development Economics and a MSc in Financial Economics at Oxford University under a Rhodes Scholarship.

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