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[b]Featured Student: [/b][b]Juana [/b][b]of Escuela Caracol[/b]
They say that “not everyone can become a great artist, but that a great artist can come from anywhere”. [url=]Juana Beatriz Tax Nimacachi[/url] is a little artist who can become a great artist. She is a first grader at [url=]Escuela Caracol[/url] in San Marcos Laguna, Guatemala. Givology has partnered with [url=]Escuela Caracol[/url] to help Mayan descendent children get a good start in their education, offering kindergarten and elementary school programs. Juana is one of the lucky ones that are getting a wonderful opportunity to learn, explore and grow in a safe environment.
Juana is a very charismatic little girl. She enjoys talking to her friends about her family’s chickens, being silly with others, and making everybody laugh. Juana comes from a humble family of four in a rural area in Guatemala. Her house is 5 miles away from school, but this distance does not hinder her parents from taking her to school. Moreover, Juana has a great love forpainting. She can spend hours working on a painting. Her teacher, Maribel, once said that: “Juanita has a very strongartistic side, and she is very detail-oriented”. When Juana has finished painting, she ensures that everything looks perfect; she is unafraid to give an extra touch here and there.
Although Juana is barely five years old, she sees herself painting in the future. She wants to become a great artist. Escuela Caracol is giving Juana and other children the opportunity to learn and explore their talents. With your help, Givology can help Juana complete her grant. This grant will give her thechance to keep going to school, and have a better and more colorful future.
[color=#000000][url=]Juana’s grant is $1,440[/url], and we need your help to keep her splashing colors on paper. No matter how small the amount you give, [url=]it will have a huge impact on Juana’s education[/url], for it can cover her tuition costs and some extra colors.[/color]

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