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[font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif]It's interesting how different the education systems are in different countries –the type of subjects, the length of holidays, the kind of culture...[/font]
[font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif]But to us Givologists, what's more interesting is how these schools differ in their areas of improvements and what different countries need to develop successfully. You can learn all about it in this article, and can easily click on any link to help a school or a student in a particular country that you want to help out too. [/font]
[font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif]Happy giving! [/font]
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1. 31% of girls in Tanzania get married before 18, often against the child’s will. Neema is one of them, who now left her husband she married in exchange of cows at her age of 13. Click [url=]this link[/url] to help her start a new life.
2. In India, an estimated 1.2 million children are involved in prostitution. You can read more about them and help them put an end to this deadly cycle [url=]here[/url].
3. In Afghanistan, only an estimated one million children, mostly boys, attended school, while women and girls were almost completely excluded. You can help these girls [url=]here[/url].
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4. In Kenya, it is not mandatory for children to go to school, but they mostly go anyway. Props to them! Help these spirited learners [url=]here[/url].
5. 1.3 million Colombians live with less than US$1.25 a day, and around 600,000 children are out of primary school. Help them send their children to school [url=]here[/url].

6. In Sri Lanka less than 20% of people have access to internet. Help out Tea Leaf Trust by clicking [url=]here[/url] to help kids get a high quality education.
7. Guatemala is still recovering from a 36 year long civil war that ended less than two decades ago, and needs your help to provide students with a nutritious lunch. Click [url=]here[/url] to help them out!
8. In Peru, around 20% of students drop out from primary school. Support them to continue their education with [url=]SKIP[/url].
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9. In Uganda 20% of the people live under the poverty line, encouraging schools to build farms to sustain themselves financially. Support a poultry farm at the Circle of Peace School [url=]here[/url]
10. Givology has already donated $597,478. Click [url=]here[/url], GIV to make an impact.

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