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Impact Series Podcast: Anh Tran of VietHope

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[color=#669900]“…Once you get a good job and once your financial situation has been stabilized, that’s when you can start really thinking about what else you can do other than just trying to survive.”[/color][color=#009900] [/color][url=](Click to Tweet)[/url]
Guest: Anh Tran
Host: Yejide Obisesan

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Since 2002, [color=#669900]VietHope [/color]has been supporting the education of driven, talented, yet disadvantaged students in Vietnam. VietHope has raised over half a million dollars from supporters and invested in more than 3,000 promising students in Vietnam through not only high-impacting scholarships but also through uplifting personal and professional development programs. [color=#669900]Anh Tran [/color]President of VietHope, joined the team in 2014. He currently works at P2 Capital Partners, a New York-based hedge fund, as part of the firm’s investment team. Anh graduated summa cum laude from Bowdoin College with B.A. degree in chemistry and mathematics, and a minor in Economics.
In this episode we talk to Anh about the beauty of a multigenerational team, the Vietnamese education system and the problem with typhoons.

[color=#669900]H I G H L I G H T E D - E X C E R P T[/color]
Anh: “The third piece that we are very proud of as well and I think it is just a testament to how our founders … really focused on creating the right community and I’ll say that our students and volunteers in Vietnam would describe Viethope as a family. And it is because a lot of them are away from home. A lot of them are coming from smaller cities, you know think of coming from Missouri to New York.. it is sense of a community with people that came from a similar background that they are. I would say that is something that is really powerful.
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[color=#669900]S H O W - N O T E S[/color]
[font=Symbol]· [/font]Foundation & Founders ( hint: Anh wasn't one of them!) [1:23]
[font=Symbol]·[/font][font=Symbol] [/font]Establishing stability, a multifaceted holistic approach [5:16]
[font=Symbol]· [/font]Some background to the wins [12:00]
[font=Symbol]· [/font]Lay of the land & the Vietnamese education system[15:36]
[font=Symbol]· [/font]The most urgent priorities & facing today’s challenges [23:33]
[font=Symbol]· [/font]PhD’s, Typhoons, and Scaling Up? Curriculum creation and capacity building [25:46]
[font=Symbol]· [/font]The Sorting Hat and Grassroots Investigation: How they select students for their scholarships, mange inflation and get the lay of the land [30:32]
[font=Symbol]· [/font]The Superstars, just add a pinch of inspiration and a dash of confidence: The promise of a future. Proud doesn't even begin to cover it. [36:24]
[font=Symbol]· [/font]Reevaluating and Adjusting: The length of support and structure of the scholarship from year to year [42:33]
[font=Symbol]· [/font]Pulling back the curtain on impact and the reality of metrics in education[45:36]
[font=Symbol]· [/font]The secret sauce to VietHope and how they are different from other organizations [50:16]
[font=Symbol]· [/font]The bright future of VietHope and why Anh would think twice if given 2x the number of donations they normally receive [55:37]

[color=#669900]R E F E R E N C E S [/color]
Check out [url=]VietHope[/url] website to learn more about their mission & programs
- [b][u]VietHope is looking for help as they grow![/u][/b] Reach out to their team at or if you are interested in assisting with:
[font=Symbol]· [/font]Development programs in Vietnam
[font=Symbol]· [/font]Graphic and website design
[font=Symbol]· [/font]Curriculum development
[color=#669900]VietHope is a Givology supported project! [/color]Check out how you can help support their work through their specific project below: [url=]Givology VietHope Page[/url]

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