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Campaign Launch: Green Apple Giving

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[b]Small acts can make a BIG impact. [/b]
During the month of August, we are running an innovative campaign which embodies this principle-- Green Apple Giving.
By simply using the green apple emoji on social media, you can support our vision of making quality education accessible for all children. Here's what the emoji looks like:
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Every time you use this green apple emoji with #GreenAppleGiving, you are pledging to give 25¢ to students and grassroots projects around the world. Participants can continue using the emoji and hashtag as many times as they would like throughout August; at the end of the month, they will be sent a tally of their total use, and a summary of an optional donation amount. Donors can direct their pledge to any student or project listed on the Givology site, whether this be supporting construction on mobile shipping container classrooms in Benin or supporting a school lunch program and Guatemala.
[b][color=#66cc00]Can I use the green apple emoji on my personal posts?[/color][/b]
Of course! We will keep track emoji use on your account, as long as you include #GreenAppleGiving. You can also comment on our Givology posts.
[b][color=#66cc00]How will the end of the month tally be sent to me?[/color][/b]
The tally will be sent to you through direct messaging. Keep an eye out!
[b][color=#66cc00]Do I have to donate?[/color][/b]
The donation amount is completely optional. If you would only like to use the emoji to support Givology’s mission and message, we appreciate this as well!
[b][color=#66cc00]Can I donate more than the amount I pledged?[/color][/b]
Yes! A greater donation is greatly appreciated.
[b][color=#66cc00]How do I find the emoji?[/color][/b]
The green apple emoji can be found on all device keyboards. It may appear differently depending on if it is being used on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter or on device type.
[b][color=#66cc00]Can I e-mail someone with inquiries about this project?[/color][/b]
Certainly! E-mail with any questions or inquiries.
[b][color=#66cc00]Where will my donation go?[/color][/b]
Givology is a P2P online giving marketplace, directly connecting donors to students and grassroots projects around the world. You will have the option of donating to any student or project listed on our site.

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