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Impact Series Podcast: Damany Gibbs of Nova Pioneer


[color=#669933]“There's been a lot of work done in pockets that really moves away from the traditional approach and focuses on building the right type of skills and focusing on problem solving and critical thinking for collaboration and leadership...” - Damany Gibbs[/color]
Guest: Damany Gibbs
Host: Vandana Subramanian

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[color=#669933]Nova Pioneer Education Group[/color] is a Pan-African independent school network offering schooling from preschool through secondary education for pupils ranging from as little as 3 years all the way to 19 years of age. They work to tutor and prepare future leaders and innovators through world-class teaching techniques with an important emphasis on 21st century skills. Nova Pioneer hopes to transform the lives and profession ways of students and ready them for success in the 21st century. Nova Pioneer motivates their graduates to lead change and shape Africa and the world. They believe a positive learning society and culture can and will promote great learning and a strong community. Nova Pioneer establishes six culture principles that all students, teachers, and staff live and learn by. They include Joy of Learning, Greater Together, Always Growing, Servant Leadership, Solutions First, and High Expectations. Since their first day, Nova Pioneer has been making a positive impact on students, schools, communities, countries, and more… one lesson at a time.
In this episode we talk to Damany about the story, principles, goals, and future of Nova Pioneer Education Group.

[color=#669933]H I G H L I G H T E D - E X C E R P T[/color]
Damany: “the big impact would be the impact on our students and their ability to go out and shape their futures. So that means that, we’re still part of the who is away from capturing fully in terms of what that looks like, but what we do today really is measured in growth that they’re having with us. So based on where you started with us, after a year, 2 years, 6 months, we do international benchmark testing, I think twice a year, and that allows us to, 1, just compare with the high global standards versus just the local standard, and 2, it allows us to get really strong data about the growth of the student and where we need to double down on support...”

[color=#669933]S H O W - N O T E S[/color]
· Foundation & Startup [2:23]
· Approach to Learning [4:58]
· Awards & Promoting Learning [8:15]
· Challenging Students Academically [12:31]
· Stories and Past Experiences [19:18]
· Measuring Success [22:56]
· Community Research and Inspiring Others [24:02]

[color=#669933]R E F E R E N C E S[/color]
Check out[url=] Nova Pioneer[/url] website to learn more about their plans
- Nova Pioneer can use your assistance! Contact them at:

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